Foz Sports, Old Road Garage, Alloa, Scotland.

As a dynamic business, Foz Sports embarked on a programmed replacement of outdated paint spraybooths. They planned to replace three existing, aged spraybooths with new, high quality units. Being a successful body repair shop it was essential that the owner of Foz Sports selected a supplier with an unrivalled reputation in providing equipment that is correctly engineered, reliable and energy cost efficient. It was also essential that the new equipment be efficient at rapidly drying water based paints.

Four leading spraybooth suppliers were asked for quotations. Spraybake specified a paint booth that provided a fully extracted steel gridded floor recessed into the workshop floor; a cabin large enough for high-sided vans; high volume downdraft air flow provided by direct-drive, backward curved, centrifugal air movement fans; a direct-fired gas heating system and a multi-functional Siemens touch screen to control all aspects of the booth function.

Included within the booth specification is the Spraybake “Ecosave System”. This system controls the heating and main fans of the booth by reducing energy when compressed air is not being used. This system will reduce energy consumption by up to 50% annually.

Foz Sports also elected to install the Spraybake “Enhanced Curing System”(ECS). This system with its strategically positioned air delivery nozzles is able to rapidly ‘flash-off’ base coat and reduce drying times of top-coat lacquer by as much as 40% when compared with similar booths without the Enhanced Curing System.

To enable the Spraybake Unit to be installed in the available space, it was necessary for Spraybake Engineers to effect design changes to the roof mounted, Enhanced Curing System. The ECS fan and pre-filter is carried on a support system mounted above an adjacent access corridor. More innovation from Spraybake!
Due to the proximity of nearby dwellings Foz Sports raised an initial concern regarding possible nuisance to their neighbour caused by breakout of noise from the main fan system. Spraybake were able to re-assure Foz Sports that noise breakout would be abated by the installation of a silencer system.

Spraybake delivered and installed the booth in the promised time. The painters are now achieving excellent paint finishing results in the least possible time.

The proprietor of Foz Sports simply stated, “Great bit of kit!”