In today’s competitive bodyshops, paint spraying can make the difference between profit and loss. Based on over 35 years experience of the Commercial Vehicle Paint Industry, Spraybake equipment gives you the quality and operating economy you need.

Quality materials and precision engineering are combined in every Spraybake spraybooth, ensuring you have the equipment to provide the right finish every time.

Spraybake Commercial Vehicle spraybooths are designed for optimum performance and reliability. They are fully compliant with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act and fire regulations.

Spraybake quality features include:

  •  Microprocessor control of operating parameters, with the flexibility to customise all settings.
  • Controlled airflow within the booth to ensure a clean finish.
  • Improved shadowless lighting with instant start electronic control.
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters, powered by a variety of fuels, enabling the correct temperature to be reached quickly and maintained throughout spraying and baking.
  • Effective insulation to reduce heat loss and noise levels.
  • Under-floor or side-wall extraction to draw away overspray and concentrate heat during the drying process.
  • Programmed flash off to aid the drying of waterborne paints.
  • Under-floor or side-wall extraction with quality duplex paint arrestor filter media to ensure environmental compliance.

All of these elements combined provide you with a higher rate of efficiency and consistency of output, ensuring the best working environment for you and your personnel.

Quality Components

  • The use of pre-coated and stainless steel in cabin constructions maximises service life and enhances the appearance of the facility.
  • High quality slim tube and high tech bulb fluorescent lighting systems with electronic start and flicker-free operation. Purpose designed reflectors ensure maximum light in the right place.
  • Selected quiet running direct drive fully balanced centrifugal fan sets provide airflows between 18000 – 60000 cm/h. Multiple air handling plants can be specified to provide uniform air distribution of zone control.
  • Heating by gas or oil with direct fired gas fully modulating systems offering accurate temperature control and maximum fuel economy.
  • Microprocessor controls provide sophisticated control of operating systems and instant read out of fault conditions. All operating parameters can be reset as required for different materials or processes.