Effective paint spraying is a complex business and every industrial application has its own set of special requirements. Because of this, Spraybake consider every industrial application in order to design a spraying facility to fulfill specific needs.

Each Spraybake spraybooth is developed with knowledge gained through over 35 years experience in the specialist paint spraying industry. Quality materials and precision engineering is combined in every spraybooth, ensuring you achieve the best finish every time.

Whatever your specialist application, Spraybake will design and construct a spraying environment to accommodate it. From aircraft, trains and tractors to production line situations, Spraybake can provide a specialist spraybooth solution. And every spraybooth takes into consideration the pressures within modern industry to produce the finest paint finish in the shortest possible time.

The Spraybake improved shadowless lighting and electronic microprocessor spraying system ensures a high quality finish to all vehicles, whilst the easy to operate controls make it simple to use, therefore requiring minimal training of operatives.

Every Spraybake Industrial spraybooth has the following features as standard:

  • Controlled airflow within the booth to ensure a clean finish.
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters, powered by a variety of fuels, enabling the correct temperature to be reached quickly and maintained for the necessary length of time. This is aided by the triple-layer insulation.
  • Heated air re-circulation to enable rapid temperature build-up and maximum fuel economy.

For the larger industrial applications, or for companies looking to expand without losing valuable workshop space, Spraybake provide a series of bespoke exterior spraybooths and drying ovens. Again, each construction is developed to suit individual requirements and can incorporate compressor rooms, first aid and wash room facilities and paint-mixing rooms etc. Experienced project engineers will develop the design using CAD, they will also assist with planning and building regulation applications and help implement CDM regulations. In other words delivering a total package deal installation.

Quality Components

  • A range of quiet running, direct drive, fully balanced centrifugal fan sets cover airflows between 18000 – 108000 cm/h. Multiple air handling plants enable uniform air distribution for any size spraying facility.
  • Microprocessor controls and inverter drives provide sophisticated management of airflows and operating parameters, with significant reductions in operating costs.
  • Heating by gas, oil, electricity or steam with direct gas fired fully modulating system most commonly supplied. Heating plants from 180 – 700 kw. Heat recovery systems can be specified for larger plants.
  • The use of pre-coated and stainless steel in cabin constructions maximises service life and enhances the appearance of the facility.
  • High quality slim tube fluorescent and high-Tech bulb lighting systems with electronic start and flicker-free operation. Purpose designed reflectors ensure maximum light in the right place.