Preventative Maintenance Programme

Your spraybooth is an important part of your workshop. To ensure it operates at the designed performance level it must be regularly maintained.

The lack of expert maintenance will result in lost time and revenue. To maintain your spraybooth at the optimum level of operation requires an effective preventative service programme, which incorporates a full service in accordance with manufacturer’s specification, plus a health check with comments and recommendations.

Key elements to the efficient operation of a spraybooth are airflow and temperature control. Ensuring the booth meets the recommended requirements is of paramount importance. Should incorrect filters be used or changed at irregular intervals, this will cause poor paint finishing with subsequent loss of vital throughput.

Irregular burner maintenance will increase fuel consumption costs and seriously affect temperature control. Gas burners must be serviced by Gas Safe registered engineers.

A spraybooth needs to comply with the environmental protection act and local exhaust ventilation legislation.Spraybake are qualified to carry out the necessary checks and issue certification.

Spraybake provide the Complete Service Solution.